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The Pittsburgh Wheelchair Exchange ("The Exchange") functions as a loan closet for the Allegheny Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which services 26 counties in western Pennsylvania. The Exchange picks up donations of medical equipment that are then  redistributed to individuals who are registered with the National MS Society. All requests for equipment deliveries and donation pick-ups must be made through Brian Sibenac of The MS Society at 412-261-6347. Additional information on the local chapter of the National MS Society can be found on their website - www.nationalmssociety.org/pax. You may contact "The Exchange" directly with questions about available equipment through email or calling 412-241-5121. A current listing of equipment in the loan closet can be found below.


    Bath Safety Equipment
  • Commode Chairs   [8]
  • Rolling Shower Chairs   [4]
  • Shower Seats   [5]
  • Transfer Benches   [1]

    Also available are toilet risers and a bath board.

    Electric Scooters
  • Four-wheel scooters   [1]
  • Three-wheel scooters   [5]

    All scooters will require batteries. Most scooters are Pride brand. One scooter has an electric seat lift.

    Hospital Beds
  • Alternating Pressure Pads   [3]
  • Electric   [3]
  • Manual   [1]
  • Overbed Tables   [3]
  • Patient Lifters (Hoyer)   [1]
  • Trapeze Bars   [4]

    All beds will require mattresses. Inventory also includes two bed trays and a Sara lift.

    Manual Wheelchairs
  • Heavy Duty Models   [0]
  • Reclining/Tilting Models   [4]
  • Standard Models   [6]

    Several standard wheelchairs will require footrests. Of the reclining models, one is a tilt-in-space.

    Power Wheelchairs
  • Heavy Duty Models   [2]
  • Specialty Chairs   [1]
  • Standard Models   [5]

    All power wheelchairs will require batteries.

    Patient Lifts
  • All   [2]

    Patient lifts include one Hoyer lift and one Sara lift.

    Walking Aids
  • Canes   [6]
  • Quad Canes   [5]
  • Rollators   [1]
  • Wheeled Walkers   [21]

    There are also a limited number of crutches, forearm crutches, and walker platform attachments.

    Miscellaneous Supplies
  • Adult Briefs (case)   [2]
  • Air Conditioners   [1]
  • External Male Catheters (case)   [2]
  • Lift Chairs   [3]
  • Ramps   [1]
  • Super Poles   [5]

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